The Cooperative

The fruit of tradition and of the hard work of generations led to the founding of our company, SCA Santa María, in 1968. Together with this tradition of hard work and generosity are our fields, highly valued for their constant, high productivity and results, and ideal conditions for cultivation.

Oleobercho Oils are produced by entirely mechanical means, using a natural decantation system and low temperatures (cold pressing), without the use of any chemical products.

The Santa María Cooperative has won Spanish and overseas customers thanks to the high prestige earned by our olive oils both in Spain and abroad.


S.C.A. Santa María - Aceite Virgen Extra

Our Values

Environmental Responsibility

Compliance with legal requirements and the good agricultural and environmental conditions required under the CAP and EAFRD.


Ongoing renovation and new tools to facilitate and optimise the performance of our workers and to produce and distribute better quality oil

Our Customers

Offering our customers a pure, natural juice, an extra-virgin olive oil of superior quality, with all of its health properties.

Tradition, Work and Generosity


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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

S.C.A. Santa María

Pol. Ind. Paseo del Puerto s/n
23110 Pegalajar (Jaén, Spain)
Tel +34 953 36 18 15
Tel / Fax +34 953 36 06 82
R.G.S.E.A.A. Nº 16.0002203/J