Our Olive Oil

Superior Quality

The quality of the olives from our area, together with the care and attention during the production process, brings you Oleobercho and Bercho Oils.

Own Brands

Both in Bercho and Oleobercho Oils, we take great care of the product from the very beginning of the extraction process. Oils produced with no chemical additives, purely by mechanical means.

Early Harvest

In Bercho, we bring you the finest exponent of our produce; an early-harvest, superior quality Olive Oil. An unrivalled, special Gourmet Oil, characteristic of our lands.

Our Products

Produced entirely in our cooperative. Oleobercho Virgin Olive Oil is a genuine, dense, brilliant oil, typical of the Sierra Mágina area. Outstanding for its fruity flavour, slightly bitter and spicy , whose density gives a very pleasant full-bodied sensation in the mouth.

The oil, whose appearance blends a range of greens and old yellow gold, is excellent served raw in salads, on bread, accompanied by ham or cheese. In the kitchen, it combines perfectly in all kinds of stews, sauces and fried foods.

The oil is highly stable, and so is highly resistant to turning rancid, and it has a very high oleic acid content.

The production of oils at SCA Santa María is completely mechanical, using a natural decantation system at low temperatures (cold pressing), without the use of any chemical products.

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AOVE Cosecha Temprana Bercho

A genuine, dense, brilliant oil


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